Sprint 6 Review - Explosion Update!

3-Shot Explosion

Throughout our many versions of Pathos, there was one thing that everyone continued to enjoy in our game. Explosions. In the previous few builds, we didn’t have any boom-booms and it just seemed to leave a void in our hearts. Not any longer! In this sprint we added a much anticipated feature that we have had planned for a while now. The triple shot explosion. The idea is that when the player shoots a guard up with too many drugs, their body will just combust. Morbid but fun.

This only works when the player shoots 3 of the same kind of drug into a guard in a row. If for example, the player shoots two anger darts into a guard, and then a fear dart, the explosion counter will get reset because the fear dart wasn’t anger. When a guard explodes, it will kill guards around him and will break any breakables. Although we did add this feature as a fun factor, there is definitely some utility to it as well.

Explosive Drums

Not only do the guards explode, but now there are explosive drums! An explosive drum can be triggered by an angry guard smacking it. There are 5 types of barrels. 1 for each emotion type, and one that just explodes and kills. If an emotion type barrel explodes, it makes every guard in the area around the barrel change to the emotion type, as if they all got shot by an emotion dart. This mechanic opens up a lot of doors in terms of level design, and adds a lot of fun chaos.


Vision Cone Visual Update

Explosions aren’t the only thing we have been working on this sprint. The new updates to the vision cone make everything look a lot smoother. The transitions of the vision cones (like when they change color or size) are now lerped. This means that rather than an immediate color or size change, it will make a smooth transition into it. Just that small bit of polish made the game look a lot better.

Big Character Model Progress

The real character model for the guards is SO close to being put into the game. The rigging for it is all complete. Here is an example of a walking animation:


Other Stuff

  • Awesome main menu
  • Information menu (with mp4 support)
  • Water shader
  • A bunch of new environment assets.

- Joey W

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